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What is acro chair dance?

In acro chair dance class, students will learn interesting acrobatic tricks and flow from the seat of the chair to the floor and incorporate those moves into a choreography. Acro chair is an exciting form of way which will help you not only to get stronger and more flexible but also to help you discover yourself in a sexy way and express who you are. All you need is a chair which serves as a prop.

The best type of chair for acro chair dance is one that is sturdy, has four legs, a back rest, no arm rest and a space between the seat and the back for you to perform certain tricks and to maneuver on and around the chair. Folding chairs are totally fine and in some cases preferred over normal four legged chairs.

Foldable Chair
ADDE Chair from IKEA

You can easily find one either online on Amazon or from you local furniture store or even the department store.

Do you know that I teach weekly acro chair dance class on Zoom? Come and and sign up for a class. Looking forward to dancing with you virtually.

See you soon in class 🙂

Riri Valora Chair Dance Sketch
Discover and Express Yourself by Chair Dancing

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