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What are the Benefits of Pole Dancing?

When it comes to pole dancing, people still think of it as only stripping. That’s why it still gets a bad reputation, unfortunately. Although there is nothing wrong with stripping, in my opinion, that is not all there is to do on the pole. This misconception prevents pole dancing from becoming something everyone should be able to enjoy.

Pole dancing is a legit form of sport. It is challenging and super fun. What my body is capable of doing today is all thanks to pole dancing. Here are a few reasons that I believe make pole dancing an amazing physical activity based on my personal experience and why I urge everyone, including you (yes, you!) to give it a try at least once in their lifetime.

Get In Touch With Your Femininity

Pole dancing allows you to be sexy and feel fabulous even before you can even do an invert on the pole or even before you get your splits. There is something magical about pivoting and dancing in heels, hair flicks, body rolls and simple pole spins. This is such a great feeling, and everyone should feel the same regardless of their shape, age and marital status. So, if things get hectic at work or at home and for whatever reason you feel like you need to get in touch with your feminine side, do consider taking a pole dance class.

Building Stamina and Strength

Continuous climbing on the pole, spinning, inversions and floor works for even five minutes is enough to make your heart race faster. If you are aiming to build your core strength, pole dance is a fantastic core workout. Thanks to pole dancing, I can now comfortably hold and control my body weight gracefully in the air.

Losing Weight and Muscle Toning

Pole dance is an intensive upper body workout so as a consequence your arms and shoulders will be the first to tone up. I have lost some weight because of pole dancing but like any other form of exercises, you have to train at least three to four times a week on top of maintaining a healthy diet in order to lose some weight. Depending on the intensity of the pole class, you may expect to burn at least 250 calories or more in an hour.

Improves Flexibility

It is crazy how someone like me who was not flexible can now do splits and backbends. My flexibility progress is the result of all the stretches during pole dance warm ups and the attempts to master pole tricks. If you are interested to learn pole dancing but you are not even able to touch your toes today, don’t worry so much about it. You will improve your flexibility gradually.

Better Relationship With Food

Thanks to pole dancing, my relationship with food has improved tremendously. From someone who used to eat lots of junk food when first starting to pole, I have shifted more towards eating whole food which has served me really well in not feeling sluggish and heavy, and it has certainly expedited my recovery process.


Attending pole dancing classes is a great way to network with many interesting individuals from many different walks of life but with a similar passion which is a great way to connect. From lawyers, entrepreneurs to even vets and university professors, I have made the acquaintance of so many passionate pole dancers who come from different backgrounds.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun, sexy way to be fit, join pole dancing.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more about pole dancing or if you have any questions. If you are a pole dancer, please share with me how pole dancing has helped you in a positive way.

Much love!

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