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Why is pole dancing bad?

Pole dancing, also known as pole fitness or pole sports, is a form of physical activity that involves performing acrobatic and aerial movements around a vertical pole. It originated in strip clubs as a form of entertainment, but has since evolved into a popular fitness… Read More »Why is pole dancing bad?

What Is Chair Dance?

A Comprehensive Guide to Chair Dancing Chair dance is a form of dance that involves the use of a chair as a prop. It is a fun and unique way to express yourself and get a full-body workout. In this blog post, we will explore… Read More »What Is Chair Dance?

Pole Dancing Benefits

When it comes to pole dancing, people still think of it as only stripping. That’s why it still gets a bad reputation, unfortunately. Although there is nothing wrong with stripping, in my opinion, that is not all there is to do on the pole. This… Read More »Pole Dancing Benefits